Patrick–The healer at Zorba!

A day when Sun was beaming, I walked in a beautiful paradise. The lush green trees and the natural surroundings, far away from the mechanical world energized me. As I walked inside, I saw the Zorba logo encrypted on a board. After entering the main venue, I saw lots of people flocking around and some standing in a queue. To my curiosity and eagerness to meet Patrick I walked along the pathway. There I saw a petite man with long hair standing and talking to his patient one by one. The constant smile on his face and his welcoming gestures were stimulating.

Patrick- The Healer at Zorba

People waiting to get healed looked enthusiastic and had a sense of optimism in them. I met an aristocratic art lady who was visiting Patrick since four years now. She said, she was suffering from acute sinus problem four years back and now she is as fit as a fiddle. Another lady who is currently a filmmaker had joint problems and she couldn’t walk properly but now she could brisk walk too. These cases can be called miracles or people having immense faith in him.

activity at zorba

After the healing session came to an end there was lunch. The extravagant delicacies were very scrumptious. An hour later the talk session commenced. He started off by highlighting the importance of one’s sixth sense. He said, “we are all directly connected to the universe and our over reliance on our five senses have made us forget this .Getting in touch with our sixth sense, listening to our inner voice is important,(the reality/the It), rest is an illusion”. Being insecure leads us to control everything in life which keeps our minds boggling all the time. One should always be satisfied with whatever they have else always striving to reach the highest point is discouraging for the present. Everyone should have their own footpath, getting inspired is not a bad idea but following someone will give you a chance to blame.

He also talked about celestial healing in which the only light source Sun is not used but the energies from the universe are used to cure someone. Patrick also emphasized on the fact that celestial energies are around us and the day we’ll travel the 6th sense the celestial colors will be visible to us.

He said that meditation is just a fragment of imagination and it gives a glimpse of who you are and what can you achieve. Patrick also explained the redistribution of resources in this universe. No one really contributes the resources, they just keep getting redistributed. He concluded by telling everyone to have optimism and be yourself and the problems will be solved.

We haven’t seen God still we believe in the divine energy which drives this world. We all our puppets and God is our master. Patrick is also one of us but he followed his gut feeling, he is himself. The optimistic person’s vibes itself heals the surroundings, it really can do wonders. Life is incontrovertible and if we not take it as a burden but as an avalanche of exciting moments then we are not very far from the immortal.


Image Credits: Zorba

I wanna fly with the beautiful butterflies; I wanna travel around the world and bask in its beauty; basically I wanna capture all the wonders of the world on the canvass of my computer screen, with my designs. I can’t dream of being the great Saul Bass or Paul Rand (world’s top graphic designer’s), but I certainly dream every day of designing something which will inspire everyone. And I want you to be a part of my dream. Come, join me, and lets together design our world with our imagination. I truly believe that we are ourselves creations. We are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves. Creativity is god’s gift to us. Using creativity is our gift back to God.

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